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Disney's Mary Poppins - 50th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray]

$ 27.99 CAD

A magical nanny takes the two young children of a wealthy London banker on a journey into playful worlds and eccentric characters, eventually showing them and their cold-hearted father the power of love over money in Disney's Mary Poppins, available here from Shopville on Blu-ray. Stuffy parents in Victorian London...
Disney's Mickey's Christmas Carol - 30th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray]

$ 19.99 CAD

Ring in the holidays with a new 30th Anniversary Special Edition of Mickey's Christmas Carol on Blu-ray from Shopville. Disney's timeless tale sparkles like never before with fully restored classic holiday shorts, plus all-new bonus features! Make the season merry as Mickey, Goofy, Donald and all their pals star in...
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Solo: A Star Wars Story - 4K Limited Edition SteelBook [Blu-Ray + 4K UHD + Digital]

$ 99.99 CAD $ 89.99 CAD

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story,' an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Get your hands on this Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook 4K UHD edition Blu-ray from Shopville! Through a series of daring escapades...
Disney's The Little Mermaid [Blu-Ray]

$ 27.99 CAD

In Disney's beguiling animated romp The Little Mermaid, rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel is fascinated with life on land. On one of her visits to the surface, which are forbidden by her controlling father, King Triton, she falls for a human prince. Determined to be with her new love, Ariel makes...
Blade Runner - 4K Special Edition [Blu-Ray + 4K UHD + Digital]

$ 64.99 CAD

As 21st-century detective Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) hunts for vengeful, fugitive replicants in a high-tech future soured by urban and social decay, he is drawn to a mysterious woman whose secrets may undermine his own soul in Blade Runner, available as a 4K Ultra HD (UHD) Blu-ray from Shopville. In...
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Drop Dead Fred - 25th Anniversary Edition [Blu-Ray]

$ 39.99 CAD $ 27.99 CAD

Her marriage on the rocks, Lizzie Cronin (Phoebe Cates) is forced to return to her domineering mother in Drop Dead Fred available from Shopville on Blu-ray. Her marriage on the rocks, Lizzie Cronin (Phoebe Cates) is forced to return to her domineering mother. In desperation, Lizzie calls upon Fred (Rik...
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Disney's 101 Dalmatians [Blu-Ray]

$ 39.99 CAD $ 34.99 CAD

Disney's 101 Dalmatians - available from Shopville on Blu-ray - has charmed audiences for generations with its irresistible tailwagging stars, memorable story and wonderful blend of humour and adventure. Cruella De Vil, Disney’s most outrageous villain, sets the fur-raising adventure in motion when she dognaps all of the Dalmatian puppies...
Purple Rain [Blu-Ray]

$ 12.99 CAD

The late musician Prince's Citizen Kane, get your copy of Purple Rain on Blu-ray from Shopville today. When Prince's dazzling and dynamic Purple Rain (movie and soundtrack album) and the hypnotic hit single "When Doves Cry" exploded onto the pop-culture scene in 1984, it seemed there was nothing the purple one couldn't do....
Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked [Blu-Ray]

$ 6.99 CAD

It's a tidal wave of toe-tapping music and unfurgettable fun for the whole family as Alvin and the Chipmunks return in their greatest adventure yet, Chipwrecked on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital from Shopville. While on vacation aboard a luxury cruise liner, Alvin, Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes can't help...
Disney Pixar The Incredibles [Blu-Ray]

$ 22.99 CAD

Own Disney/Pixar's animated hit The Incredibles on Blu-ray from Shopville. Bob Paar used to be one of the world's greatest superheroes (known to all as "Mr. Incredible"), saving lives and fighting evil on a daily basis. But now, 15 years later, Bob and his wife (a famous former superhero in her...
Hot Shots!: Part Deux [Blu-Ray]

$ 22.99 CAD

The Hot Shots! Blu-ray, available here from Shopville, is a parody of "Rambo" in which Topper Harley leads a rescue team into Iraq to save Iraqi war prisoners and all of their previous rescue teams. This hilarious sequel to Hot Shots! delivers “plenty of gags and countless movie parodies” (Leonard Maltin) and...
Hot Shots! [Blu-Ray]

$ 17.99 CAD

The Hot Shots! Blu-ray, available here from Shopville, is a parody of "Top Gun" in which a talented but unstable fighter pilot must overcome the ghosts of his father and save a mission sabotaged by greedy weapons manufacturers. “You can’t stop yourself from laughing” (Gene Siskel, Siskel & Ebert at the...
Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 [Blu-Ray]

$ 14.99 CAD

When their owner clears out his bedroom in preparation for starting college, Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toy-box gang are dumped in the donations box at a local nursery school and find themselves at the mercy of a horde of wild, sticky-fingered toddlers in Toy Story 3, available...
Disney Pixar Toy Story 2 - Special Edition [Blu-Ray]

$ 16.99 CAD

The adventures of toys Woody and Buzz Lightyear continue when their owner Andy goes off to summer camp, leaving them to their own devices in Toy Story 2, available on Blu-ray from Shopville. Things take a bad turn when an obsessive toy collector kidnaps Woody because he is a highly...
Disney Pixar Toy Story - Special Edition [Blu-Ray]

$ 16.99 CAD

Own the award winning Toy Story computer-animated Disney/Pixar adventure on Blu-ray, about toys which come to life as soon as their owner, Andy, leaves the room. Pull-string cowboy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) is Andy's favourite toy until Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) arrives. The two have an ongoing feud, but...
Disney Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 2 [Blu-Ray]

$ 12.99 CAD

Disney and Pixar present an incredible new collection of 12 short films, featuring multiple Academy Award nominees and a host of family favorites, available from Shopville in this 1-disc Blu-ray collection. Includes: Your Friend the Rat, Presto, Burn-E, Partly Cloudy, Dug's Special Mission, George & A.J., Day & Night, Hawaiian...
Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train [Blu-Ray]

$ 17.99 CAD

From its cleverly choreographed opening sequence to its heart-stopping climax on a rampant carousel, Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train available on Blu-ray from Shopville readily earns its reputation as one of the director's finest examples of timeless cinematic suspense. It's not just a ripping-good thriller but a film student's...
Once Upon A Time In The West [Blu-Ray]

$ 19.99 CAD

The so-called spaghetti Western achieved its apotheosis in Sergio Leone's magnificently mythic (and utterly outlandish) Once Upon a Time in the West available here on Blu-ray. After a series of international hits starring Clint Eastwood (from A Fistful of Dollars to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly), Leone outdid...
Downfall [Blu-Ray]

$ 22.99 CAD

Downfall on Blu-ray is a controversial and award-winning German drama about the final days of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. Bruno Ganz plays the German dictator who, as the Russians close in towards Berlin, retreats to his bunker with his fiancée Eva Braun, his private secretary Traudle Junge, and...
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Disney's Lady And The Tramp [Blu-Ray]

$ 39.99 CAD $ 34.99 CAD

Disney's Lady and the Tramp tells the story of a female American Cocker Spaniel named Lady and a male stray mutt named Tramp. When the two dogs meet, they embark on many romantic adventures. Please Note: EU Blu-rays with Digital / UltraViolet copies are only redeemable  with EU accounts unless otherwise stated....
A Bronx Tale [Blu-Ray]

$ 67.99 CAD

A Bronx Tale is Robert De Niro's directorial debut and is the story of Calogero (Francis Capra), a nine-year-old boy caught between two opposing father figures. His dad, Lorenzo (De Niro), is a diligent bus driver who tries to instill in him the virtues of an honest day's work, while...
Dollhouse: Season Two [Blu-Ray Box Set]

$ 27.99 CAD

Joss Whedon, creator of the Buffy the Vampire and Angel TV series, brings you Dollhouse: Season 2 available in it's entirety on Blu-ray. Television isn't generally receptive to complicated stories or moral ambiguity--and how else can you describe a series about people called "actives," whose minds are wiped clean so they...
Django Unchained / Inglourious Basterds [Blu-Ray 2-Movie Collection]

$ 11.99 CAD

Two Quentin Tarantino films are included in this action-packed two movie set on Blu-ray. Django Unchained: Set in the South two years before the Civil War, “Django Unchained” stars Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx as Django, a slave whose brutal history with his former owners lands him face-to-face with German-born bounty...
Deadwood: The Ultimate Collection [Blu-Ray Box Set]

$ 54.99 CAD

Deadwood: The Ultimate Collection on Blu-ray; in an age of plunder and greed, the richest gold strike in American history draws a mob of restless misfits to an outlaw settlement where everything - and everyone - has a price. The settlers, ranging from an ex-lawman to a scheming saloon owner...
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Disney's Cinderella: The Complete Collection [Blu-Ray Box Set]

$ 64.99 CAD $ 52.99 CAD

Disney's Cinderella is brought to life in three full-length films included in this one magical Blu-ray boxed set. Cinderella: Cinderella has faith her dreams of a better life will come true. With help from her loyal mice friends and a wave of her Fairy Godmothers wand, Cinderella's rags are magically...

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