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Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 1019 [GameCube Accessory]

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Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 1019
Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 1019

This official Nintendo Wii and GameCube Memory Card 1019 will make sure you never lose you place in a game again.

Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 1019

Now you can store your progress in more than 1000 games and carry them with you wherever you go!

This Memory Card allows you to save up to 1019 blocks of game information. That's more than four times the memory of the GameCube Memory Card 251!

Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 1019

Get ready for some serious gaming with the Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 1019!


  • Easy-to-grip sides for simple removal.
  • 1019 blocks of memory to store your Gamecube game saves.
  • The number of blocks needed to save your game information will vary from game to game.
  • You will only be able to save or load game information for games that are designed to use Memory Cards.