Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations [PlayStation 4]

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Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations for the Sony PlayStation 4 is an all-new, real-time, fully 3D action-oriented twist on the classic story-driven graphic adventure game.

Finn and Jake decide to carry on the profession of Finn's foster parents, who were Professional Investigators.

Confronted with mysterious Land of Ooo disappearances and strange events, players will interrogate colorful inhabitants, dispatch evil doers in fast-paced combat, solve mind-bending puzzles, explore new and familiar locations, and genuinely feel as if they have stepped into their own personal episode of Adventure Time.


  • First time on console you can see the AT characters and familiar locations in visually stunning 3D with different camera movements that give the game a more cinematic look and feel.
  • The game is divided into five chapters where you play as Finn in an episode of the show. The last challenge of the game is to puzzle out the common theme in all five stories.
  • Tackle puzzles by creatively using inventory objects and Jake (the shape-shifting dog).
  • Unique among adventure games, combat is fun-based action (about 25-30% of total gameplay) with comedic overtones.
  • Innovative gameplay that comes from exploration, creative puzzle-solving and interaction, not leveling.