Breath of Fire III [Sony PSP]

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The legendary RPG series Breath of Fire comes to the Sony PlayStation Portable with tales of long forgotten worlds, intrepid heroes and ancient, mystical powers in Breath of Fire III.

A destiny awaits you... A small boy on the run... a dragon reborn in flames... The last of an extinct race, with mighty powers.

A small boy, outcast from society. Ryu is both - a dormant dragon, awakened by miners, turned into an innocent child. Ryu may not remember his fiery past, but is destined to regain his powers, fulfilling his epic destiny...

Appearing for the first time on a handheld console, Breath of Fire III is the third installment of this classic RPG series. Graphically enhanced to take advantage of the PSP's screen resolution, Breath of Fire III follows the fate of Ryu as he embarks on an epic quest to discover his ancestry and understand the dragon power that has awoken inside of him. 


  • The massively popular role-playing legend comes to PSP, with new online game-sharing mode
  • Mold your hero each time you play, with 987 possible dragon transformations
  • Moving quickly triggers additional attacks, unleashing flaming retribution on enemies