Carthage - The Deckbuilding Board Game [Board Game, 1-5 Players]

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$ 57.99 CAD

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Face the horde, outwit your opponents, and deliver pain in this vicious, fun, and raw Gladiator Deckbuilding Board Game. Carthage from SAS Creative is a ​deckbuilding board game where players move around a hex-based arena and face off in gladiatorial warfare to earn crowd favor, gain armor, and battle to the death.

This game uses blended mechanics of deck building, hand management, and a whole lot of ruthless "take-that" combat. Featuring a unique modular ruleset which allows players to be matchmaker and alter the game complexity, play time and strategic depth!

The Carthage theater awakens. Crowds flood inside to witness the grand spectacle of axe against gladius, of life pitted against death: where speed, skill and the favor of the crowds determine one's fate. Gladiators take to battle in the hex-based theater as weak combatants, but as their actions gain crowd favor, they develop their tactics (player deck) into a lethal combination of damage, armor, and movement.


Blood and glory await... Enter the theater of Carthage where any move could be your last! Easy to learn... easy to die!

A round begins with the Combat Phase where players play Action Cards, after which they spend crowd favor points to build better combat options, Lobby the crowd for advantages, or assemble their Starting Deck into a more lethal combination of tactics.

​Carthage utilizes deck-building and miniatures to give players a progressive game experience... ending in a vicious crescendo of blood and glory!Gladiators start in the theater as weak combatants, but as their actions gain crowd favor, they can develop their tactics (deck) into a lethal combination of damage, armor, and movement on the hex-based arena.


  • 1 Game Box
  • 5 Miniatures
  • 1 Game Rules
  • 1 Game Board
  • 21 Theater Cards
  • 72 Action Cards
  • 1 Starting Player Token
  • 20 Arena Tokens
  • 50 Starting Action Cards (10 Cards each)

  • 8 Scenario Match Setups
  • 5 Player Boards (1 per Player)
  • 5 Carthage Miniatures with Colored Bases
  • 25 Colored player Marking Cubes
  • 7 Beast Cards (Optional Use)
  • 16 Modular Ruleset Cards
    (Optional use)
  • Carthage!
  • For 1-5 Players
  • 30-60 Minute Playing Time
  • In a 3-5 player game players can choose to return as an arena beast and Re-enter The Battle.
  • "Carthage is no ordinary game. Easy to learn, easy to die; truer words were never spoken." - Derek Funkhouser, Druid City Games

  • Engaging combat right from the first round.
  • Deck Building Board Game with 5 pre-assembled Miniatures
  • Unique Game Modes including Competitive, Team, Solo and Co-op
  • "To date, this is the best Kickstarter game we've seen!" - Jimmy & Rod, Board Game Closet
  • Reviews

    "What did I love? The game. The setting. The art. You name it, I loved it. Overall, I can't speak highly enough about Carthage. Ease of access and game length is the most important factor when I review and evaluate a game... The rules are accessible for players of all experience levels and the game plays quickly, ~60 min for 4 players... I loved the art, it reminded me of the comic styling of Frank Miller's 300. The myriad of modular rule sets create a fantastic variance in gameplay and the 2v2 Chain Match is one of the coolest, thematic optional modes I've seen in any game..."

    - Derek Funkhouser, Druid City Games

    "The artwork is awesome, the miniatures look fantastic, the deckbuilding and gameplay is engaging...
    This game feels like the missing components of Spartacus."

    - Jimmy & Rod, Board Game Closet

    "To say Carthage is a great game is an understatement. As a matter of fact, the first thing I wanted to do at the end of the game was play it again. I saw so many different ways to play it next time..."

    - Kelly Froese, Edmonton Nerd List

    "It's crazy fun, crazy easy to learn, and it allows a nice healthy way to murder your family and friends... Matches are exciting, with players cheering and taunting each other. One player hits you, and you hit them back harder and faster."

    - Taurenrider, Talk Amongst Yourselves


    Carthage - The Deckbuilding Board Game


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