Dynasty Warriors: Next [Sony PS Vita]

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Experience a new type of Dynasty Warriors action with Dynasty Warriors: Next, created from a blend of the characteristic Warriors' style simple controls with new intuitive controls made possible through the functions of the Sony PlayStation Vita.

In this Tactical Action game players can enjoy the thrill of taking down thousands of enemies and become the greatest hero in Chinese history. This version of Dynasty Warriors, built for the Playstation Vita, will allow players to use the system's touch pad and sensor for intuitive controls and also allow players to connect together and enjoy an epic experience.

The game will utilize the breakthrough hardware that is the PS Vita to deliver a new dimension to the famed Dynasty Warriors series!

  • Campaign Mode is the primary mode, in which you strive to unite China through the tale of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Conquest Mode offers a further challenge as you put your skills against online in a battle to gain control over the entire land. In addition, Coalition Mode uses Ad Hoc to allow cooperative play for up to 4 players.
  • Gala Mode lets you use the motion sensor and the camera to enjoy a number of mini-games for a bit of light fun.