Final Fantasy II [Sony PSP]

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In Final Fantasy II for the Sony PSP, a new evil threatens the land and once more a band of young heroes stands against it.

Own the birth of a generation...

The legend continues. More new dungeons, more improved graphics. Still the same great story and gameplay.

When Final Fantasy II was released in 1989, it was seen as a triumph in gaming. One of the first games to be appeciated for both its incredible graphics and immersive gameplay, Final Fantasy II was a fully-developed game world, one that surpassed even the amazing Final Fantasy I. Now this remastered new version comes to your PSP, with updated graphics and new content.


  • Upgraded graphics and new content bring the story to life.
  • New dungeons will delight old and new fans alike.
  • All of the original gameplay mechanics and storyline are preserved from the original.
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