Final Fantasy Origins [PlayStation 1]

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Final Fantasy Origins for the Sony PlayStation delivers the first two games in the Final Fantasy series; Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II.

Originally released in 1998 in Japan, Final Fantasy II never came to North America, but now RPG fans will be able to experience the emotion-packed sequel and its predecessor with all-new event scenes, enhanced graphics, and improved sound. Whether you're on a quest to recover a magical Crystal or on a journey to stop a merciless ruler, both games provide grand stories complemented with deep characterization and touching music.

Final Fantasy

An evil shroud covers the world in darkness. You must restore the powers of earth, wind, fire and water to the Four Orbs. Create your own band of 4 Light Warriors from fighters, thieves, martial artists, and magicians. You'll need all their skills to triumph in this massive role-playing adventure. Your treaterous journey takes you to all parts of a strange new world. Explore dangerous castles and dark caverns where dadly perils and great rewards, await at every turn. Hundreds of ferocious monsters block your path. With patience, skill, and cunning, you can defeat them.

Final Fantasy 2

The legend continues. A new evil threatens the land, and once more, a band of young heroes stands against it. More new dungeons, more improved graphics. Still the same great story and gameplay.


  • Marks the first time Final Fantasy II ever came to North America.
  • All new event scenes, massively enhanced graphics and updated sound.
  • Maintains the traditional mythical Final Fantasy look and feel.
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