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Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns [Nintendo 3DS]

by Natsume

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Harvest Moon 3D: Tale of Two Towns is a Life Simulation Role-playing Game for the Nintendo 3DS.

Konohana and Bluebell villages were once the friendliest of neighbors. Then a huge dispute erupted between them... over FOOD! Both towns were certain that their cooking was the best in the world. This feud has transformed these happy neighbors into bitter rivals.

  • Nintendo 3DS specific features including: an animal petting mini-game, the ability to share items and crops with other players using wireless StreetPass functionality and adjustable 3D graphics.
  • Choose from two different villages, each with their own shops, villagers, and festivals with the added ability to move to the other town.
  • Choose to play as a boy or as a girl; grow crops, raise livestock, woo a spouse and start a family.