Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility [Nintendo Wii]

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Get A Real Feel For Farming!

Was there really a Harvest Goddess? Did she actually bring prosperity to Waffle Island?

Most people around here don't believe the local legends, but after the death of the ancient Mother Tree, nothing is normal. Stormy seas and hardships have citizens talking and even packing up. that's why the mayor asked you, a newcomer, to investigate.

Can you grow crops, nurture animals and find a way to restore magic and natural wonders? Sow your seeds of destiny in this first farming adventure for Wii!

  • Cut, water and plant crops with realistic motions using your Wii remote!
  • Choose a farming life as a boy or a girl character!
  • Build your own farm, and then expand by buying more land!
  • Raise cows, goats, ducks, chickens, horse, silkworms... Even ostriches!
  • Earn extra funds while working part-time at local shops and businesses.
  • Explore the biggest Harvest Moon adventure ever created for any video game system!