Infinite Space [Nintendo DS DSi]

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Format: Nintendo DS/DSi
Region: Region Free
Language: English
Edition: Regular
Condition: New, Factory-Sealed


Realize your inner spacecraft commander in "Infinite Space," publisher Sega's addition to the roster of sci-fi Nintendo DS games. Explore the vastness of space on a spacecraft of your very own engineering, battle fleets of adversaries that have oppressed your world for years, and become the ultimate space fleet commander. Featuring a battle system that requires speed, cunning, and strategic thinking, the game challenges you to think on your feet and act fast or be destroyed.

Customize a fleet of up to five war ships with more than 100 blueprints to build upon, and 200 modules for utmost customization. Selecting different crew members alters the attributes and performance of each ship as you challenge an opponent in versus mode, or traverse through the story in a solo quest. Play as young Yuri in this ultimate underdog story where you destroy your enemies and prevent the universe from facing complete annihilation.

Created exclusively for the Nintendo DS, the saga immerses you in a dynamic, colorful universe on the verge of war. In the role of young Yuri, you command a fleet of spaceships and battle against tyrannical dictators and deadly space pirates while searching for a mystical epitaph known to have the power to change the world. As the story unfolds, Yuri grows into a man powerful enough to prevent another war and possibly, universal annihilation.