Katamari Forever [PlayStation 3]

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When the King of All Cosmos bumps his head and loses his memory, the Prince and his cousins design a RoboKing to replace him. But the situation goes terribly awry when the RoboKing goes out of control and destroys all the stars in Katamari Forever for the Sony PlayStation 3.

The Prince faces his toughest challenge ever as Katamari Forever boasts the largest collection of stages, modes, songs, and cousins to date.


  • Help the Prince and his cousins restore the Cosmos after the disastrous creation of the RoboKing.
  • See the Katamari world come to life in a new way with visual effects, including wood, comic, classic and new default graphic filters.
  • Select any of more than 50 cousins you can equip with a variety of accessories.