Rome: Total War Anthology [PC Computer]

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Storm clouds gather over Europe, Asia and North Africa as mighty armies march forward in Rome: Total War Anthology for PC computers.

Rome: Total War

Command the greatest forces of the ancient world, including the Roman Legions, Carthage and Gaul; lay siege to civilizations using powerful war engines; and decimate your enemies using special units like ferocious war dogs, armored elephants or scythed chariots.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

A shadow falls across the Roman world. It is 363 AD and the last Emperor of the unified Rome is dead. His successors now rule a divided Empire. Beyond the frontiers of the sundered Empire new enemies are lurking. The barbarians are at the gates in this official expansion pack.

Rome: Total War - Alexander

An all new campaign map extends the Rome: Total War experience further Eastward than ever before, taking you into Macedonia and the Persian Empire. A host of new content includes four new factions and 60 all new units such as Alexander's Phalangists.


  • Three complete Rome: Total War titles to battle your way through.
  • Command colossal regiments of soldiers in epic real-time-strategy battles
  • The mightiest armies and the most brilliant commanders of ancient times clash in battles only Total War can create.