Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable [Sony PSP]

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable from Atlus Games for the Sony PlayStation Portable is one of the greatest RPGs of all time in the palm of your hands!

Featuring the unprecedented addition of a new female player-controlled protagonist who offers players a fresh new perspective for one of gaming’s most inventive narratives, in addition to numerous additional improvements and enhancements, SMT: Persona 3 Portable promises to bring one of the highest‐rated RPGs of all time to PSP(PlayStation Portable) system in its grandest iteration yet!

Hailed by critics and fans for breathing new life into the RPG genre, Persona 3 Portable takes everything that made Persona 3 on PlayStation 2 such a tremendous, award-winning hit and translates it into the perfect handheld RPG experience.

Built upon an enhanced version of the game, players will find significant improvements, including direct control of teammates in battle, five difficulty settings, incredibly short load times, and most importantly, the option of playing through the story from a new female perspective, gaining new social links, special events, and unique romantic opportunities.


  • Classic, thought-provoking Persona RPG gameplay in which players construct wieldable physical manifestations of their thoughts through their social interactions with characters in-game, later taking these into team-based battles against Shadow enemies in Tartarus.
  • Contains almost all the content from the original PS2 Persona 3 game, and elements from Persona 3: FES.
  • Significant improvements over earlier games including Skill Cards, part-time jobs, and ability to directly control your teammates in battle.
  • The important new ability to play as a female character, giving the player a whole new perspective on the events of the game and providing a dramatic impact on the game's intricate social dynamics.
  • Improved playability permeates every aspect of the gameplay experience. One button menu shortcuts, streamlined team equipment changes, incredibly short load times, and other tweaks and enhancements create an ideal pace for portable gaming.

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