Tales of Graces F + Tales of Symphonia Chronicles [PlayStation 3]

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Embark on a unique JRPG journey in this essential Tales of Games compilation, Tales of Graces F + Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for the Sony PlayStation 3.

Tales of Graces F

Tales of Graces f redefines the fantasy RPG genre with its blend of anime-inspired graphics, enthralling depth of story and fast paced, strategic battles.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

With Tales of Symphonia Chronicles™, players will be able to experience the most celebrated Tales of game to date, Tales of Symphonia™, again for the first time with crisp and colourful high definition graphics and additional content along with its 2008 sequel Tales of Symphonia™: Dawn of the New World.  Both titles will be fully subtitled in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish along with English and Japanese voiceover.


  • The whole saga of Tales of Symphonia combined in one game.
  • More than 90 hours of Gameplay in total.
  • Go deep into the story and world of Tales of Graces f with more than 40 hours of core gameplay.