The world famous zombie survival horror series Resident Evil pits various heroes and heroines against a never-ending zombie horde, created by the over zealous Umbrella Corporation. Brought to life on the big screen by Milla Jovovich, get ready for unspeakable terror!

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Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles [Nintendo Wii]

$ 27.99 CAD

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles from Capcom for the Nintendo Wii's story is based on Resident Evil 2 and includes the popular characters, Leon S Kenney and Claire Redfield. Its on-rails style gameplay and active camera creates a more immersive Chronicles survival experience. As in the last installment, this is...
Resident Evil: Revelations [Nintendo Wii U]

$ 22.99 CAD

Resident Evil Revelations from Capcom for the Nintendo Wii U features series favorites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, plus their respective BSAA partners - Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat. The critically acclaimed survival horror title takes players back to the events that took place between Resident Evil 4 and Resident...
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 [PlayStation 4]

$ 32.99 CAD

The beginning of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 from Capcom for the Sony PS4 sees fan favorite Claire Redfield make a dramatic return. Survivor of the Raccoon City incident depicted in previous Resident Evil games, Claire now works for the anti-bioterrorism organization Terra Save. Moira Burton, is attending her welcome party...
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition [Nintendo Wii]

$ 22.99 CAD

Resident Evil 4 from Capcom comes to the Nintendo Wii with added Wii Remote and Nunchuck support, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game as never before. With RE4 Wii Edition, Capcom is offering new and more immersive sense of control to players, while keeping all of the game's...
Resident Evil: Revelations [Nintendo 3DS]

$ 37.99 CAD

Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS sees the return to survival horror, offering a tense and intriguing gameplay experience. Built from the ground up to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS features, and set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Revelations delivers...
Resident Evil: Origins Collection [PlayStation 4]

$ 31.99 CAD

Explore the origins of the best-selling survival horror series with these remastered versions of the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 in Resident Evil: Origins Collection from Capcom for the Sony PS4. Two games. Two nightmares. Be prepared to go back to the origins of gaming's best-selling survival horror...
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Resident Evil 6 HD [Xbox One]

$ 24.99 CAD $ 19.99 CAD

Resident Evil 6 HD from Capcom for the Microsoft Xbox One is a Survival-Horror game that continues the struggle against the series' signature zombie inducing bio-terror, while raising the bar with all new game functionality. Players enjoy a diverse play experience, highlighted by the ability to select between three scenarios...
Resident Evil 5 HD [PlayStation 4]

$ 23.49 CAD

In Resident Evil 5 for the Sony PS4, Capcom has players fearing the daylight as much as they have feared shadow in previous games. The biohazard threat has not ended: Just when it seemed that the menace of Resident Evil had been destroyed, along comes a new terror to send...
Resident Evil 4 HD [Xbox One]

$ 21.99 CAD

Six years after the destruction of Raccoon City, Leon Kennedy, now an agent with the US Secret Service, is sent on a rescue mission in Europe in Resident Evil 4 HD from Capcom for the Microsoft Xbox One. His target is Ashley Graham, the president's daughter. Leon locates a man...
Resident Evil 4 HD [PlayStation 4]

$ 23.49 CAD

Special agent Leon S Kennedy is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. President's daughter who has been kidnapped in Resident Evil 4 HD from Capcom for the Sony PS4.  Six years after the destruction of Raccoon City, Leon Kennedy, now an agent with the US Secret Service, is...

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