Wondering if our games and movies will be compatible with your region?
Our compatibility guide can give you the
peace of mind to shop with confidence!

All of our games will ALWAYS be compatible with North American consoles,
even our Pan European region free titles — guaranteed!
In our effort to bring you the best games, we carry a lot of titles rated with these symbols:

PEGI Rating Symbols

These symbols indicate a Pan European version of the game.
A lot of PEGI titles are very hard to come by in North America and are often released
prior to their NTSC counterparts, ensuring you get to play the best games first.

So what's the difference? The online features won't allow you to play with those playing an
NTSC copy and Extra Content, DLC, and Online Services may not be compatible in your region.
Other than that the games will always play the exact same as their NTSC companions.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us Right Here!

For more information, see the table below:

Platform Compatibility
Blu-ray Multiple regions, check listing.
Nintendo DS Always region free.
Nintendo 3DS NTSC - North America.
Nintendo Wii NTSC - North America.
Nintendo Wii U NTSC - North America.
Mac/PC Always region free, check listing for OS compatibility.
PlayStation 3 Always region free.
PlayStation 4 Always region free.
Sony PS Vita Always region free.
Sony PSP Always region free.
Xbox 360 NTSC - North America AND UK region free.
Xbox One Always region free.