J-Stars Victory Vs+ [PlayStation 4]

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Who is the strongest team amongst the legendary Jump characters? Find out in J-STARS Victory VS+ for the Sony PlayStation 4.

Enjoy a grand adventure as your favorite Shonen Jump heroes and fight in local and online 2-on-2 versus battles or test your skills in Arcade Mode.


  • Incredible Roster - A huge choice of characters coming from the most famous mangas/animes issued in the Jump Magazine.
  • Jump World - The world where the adventure takes place offers 4 different scenarios in which players can travel in memorable places like "Planet Namek", "Alabasta" and "Hidden Leaf Village".
  • Epic Battles - With the 2 vs. 2 team battle system, fights are going to be tough, strategic and exciting. Each character possesses his own specifications and attacks coming from the manga/anime.